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Glassmith - Toscana, Italy

CreArt was created in 1968 in Empoli, Tuscany, a city near Florence known for its artistic traditions and its production of glassworks since the 14th century. At CreArt, expert glass and crystal merchants, master craftsmen of metal casting and glass engravers come together, constantly researching and developing techniques for creating and embellishing their internationally sold artifacts. They gather from ancient Italian, French, and English palaces. High-quality materials, elegance, craftsmanship and superb customer service are what set CreArt apart.


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Our style is an expression of quality with creations of inestimable value.


In the heart of Tuscany near Florence, on the banks of the Arno lies the long-renowned town of Empoli and its industrial zone, famous for its glass and crystal furnaces. History tells us the area has been creating these products since ancient Roman times. As is always the case, the furnaces resulted in the establishment of an industry, intended to take local production as a starting point to market and embellish these products by decorating and applying other materials to them. In this context, in the 1960s, three young entrepreneurs – Natale Belli, Alfio Cinotti and Lanciotto Cappelli – set up a new company with a precise objective of marketing the prestigious local products, decorating and combining them with metals and ceramics to create items that constituted a genuine novelty at the time. The undertaking became known as CREART, from ‘creations’ and ‘art’.

In a typically classic style, the production was immediately focused on tableware and furnishings. Thanks to targeted marketing work, it soon came to the attention of the domestic and international markets.

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