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The House of Lyria
The House of Lyria
The House of Lyria
The House of Lyria
The House of Lyria
The House of Lyria

The House of Lyria

Textile Designer - Toscana, Italy

Founded in 2002 and based in the Tuscan city of Prato, the heart of Italy’s textile industry, The House of Lyria produces original, timeless fabrics. Founder Riccardo Bruni, the creative force behind The House of Lyria, is an auteur of textiles who merges tradition, experimentation and emotion to create materials with a wholly unique character. The company is named after a rare, elegantly spiraling conch shell. It symbolizes the freedom of the ocean, a wide-open realm in which to dream and explore. Lyria has been working with the world’s leading designers and fashion houses throughout Europe, the United States and Asia. The House of Lyria entered the world of interiors in 2021, launching its cushions collection and creating fabrics for use in private residences, yachts, boutique hotels and other commercial projects by leading architects and interior designers.


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Fabric is the encounter of emotion and creativity


Bruni is aesthetically guided by wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection. Wabi-sabi is the appreciation of the transience of the natural world and the melancholy attraction to the impermanence of things. It treasures the simple and the rustic. It values deterioration as a physical manifestation of the passage of time, a reminder that we are all transitory on this planet and we must accept the natural cycle of growth, death and decay.

The House of Lyria Lyria seeks to find ambition and harmony in what is simple and imperfect, to make it look natural. The organic curves of a stone. The peeling surface of a stone wall. The elegance of a once-opulent, now-crumbling chair exposed for a long time to the elements. Our textiles are imbued with an unstudied quality, with genuine character and a soulful touch of the human hand. “I want to give the impression that the fabric has lived,” says Bruni.

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