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The Courtyard by GACHOT


GACHOT is a design studio based in New York, led by John and Christine Gachot, fostering a collaborative environment with service as its core principle. Melding timeless craft with modern technology, GACHOT creates work with a refined aesthetic and a radical sense of place. Simplicity, elegance, and acute attention to detail are the guiding values. Every project is treated as a unique expression rather than a vehicle for a rigid aesthetic.

The studio’s team brings together diverse skills in real estate development, art direction, and interior design to overcome the constraints of physical space and deliver thoughtful, project-specific results. The studio looks at each partner through a wide lens, developing a conceptual narrative with the client that weaves through the design and every minute detail. It is a given that design should look good and work well. GACHOT endeavors to ensure a project’s identity is a complete whole, from the conception of various elements all the way through to the final built product.

We want the journey to be thoughtful. John and I are personally drawn to a warm modern, finding inspiration in the simplicity, elegance, and attention to detail.


The Courtyard Concept

John and Christine Gachot treat each project as an individual expression. For L’Appartamento by Artemest, GACHOT designed the courtyard with the intention of creating an outdoor living room, seamlessly blending indoor comfort with outdoor aesthetics. With various furniture groups, including multiple lounge areas, a dining table, and a custom bar, the courtyard is both intimate and cohesive. Lush greenery and local blossoms add yet another layer to the opulent atmosphere. The illumination adds warmth, with fire pits inviting guests to linger, while the choice of color palette with rich tones including chocolatey browns and deep greens, accentuated by blushes and burgundies,creates various captivating accents. GACHOT’s design doesn't merely create an outdoor space, but a true extension of the indoor area, where guests feel welcomed andcan unwind.

Reflectivity in mirrored screens. Comfort. Warmth. Rich tones and textures. Soft neutrals, chocolatey browns, and deep greens, accented by blushes and burgundies. It’s layered. It’s unexpected. It’s more than just a charming garden, it’s an extension of your home.


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