Center of Attention

Centerpieces are simple objects that can make a huge impact to your tablescape creating a strong focal point and adding a touch of luxury to your special occasions. From eclectic and colorful look to classic silver wonders, in this curated selection you will find the perfect tabletop star.

Whether it is the main character of your living or a vibrant star on the table set, the centerpiece is a statement eye catching object which can be a real game changer in your décor. This collection feature luxury handcrafted pieces made with the finest materials with different looks: from classic yet stunning silver bowls by ​Bragagnolo Argenti to the whimsical and unconventional design of ​UpGroup’s décor; passing through shiny and ethereal glass pieces by ​Murano Glam and stylish colorful bowls by ​Serena Confalonieri.

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