Storytelling & Design: Stephan Jones

Meet Stephan Jones and its LA and Chicago-based design firm. He expresses his inspiration to the art world through the merging of different materials and styles, creating wonderful aesthetic interiors with a story to tell.

Interior designer Stephan Jones.
Oil paintings and sculptural furniture create an artistic nook for the home owner. Photography by David Duncan Livingston.

Stephan Jones designs interiors the way a good book is written; he tells a story, creates an aesthetic, and produces an atmosphere. The principle guiding his work is the interweaving of materials and style, which allows him to create bold and honest living space. 
Stephan Jones Interiors is an LA and Chicago-based design firm with a nationwide portfolio of collaborative environments reflecting his clients’ identity, desires, and needs. Instinctively selecting and blending elements in the world around him, he attributes his 20 years of success to inherently speaking the language of design.

Sculptural lines, calligraphic ink paintings, and vibrant patterns are layered with ease. Photography by David Duncan Livingston.
The elements reflect the convergence of old and new. Photography by David Duncan Livingston.

What does "Made in Italy" mean to you? 
Hand-made, old world but innovative.

What has inspired the most your work and style?
One thing that really influences me is art. Art is one of my passions and I began creating collage work and found it to be a form of self-expression. Not only do I find the exercise to be beneficial, but I love the feeling I get when I see other artists’ work; it’s as if their pieces give me a jolt of energy and strike me at the core. It’s important for me to see their work as it helps me look differently at materials and textures one who has worked a lot with material is Conrad Marca-Relli.

It’s important to recognize that an individual is behind the product and that you pay attention to the process. In the end, you’ll get quality and a great story to share with others about the piece.

The study is a serene space for work and relaxation. Photography by David Duncan Livingston.
The merge of décor pieces results in a space with a unique air of modern elegancePhotography by David Duncan Livingston.

Describe your design approach and philosophy.
Start from the ground up and then quality above all else. I believe in creating honest living spaces

What is the one design/decor you cannot imagine your clients living without?
Artwork to bring life to a space.

What is your idea of the ‘ultimate luxury'?
Being invited to an extraordinary dinner party in Paris by an artist.

Layered textures and patterns weave a sophisticated andmasculine undercurrent into a study. Photography by David Duncan Livingston
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