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A first-rate linen atelier based in Tuscany, Verderoccia is world-renowned for its singular style and exceptional designs. Their stunning linens showcase Egyptian cotton that is deftly woven, finished, and embroidered in Italy by master artisans. Boasting over four generations of the Pratesi family’s artisan know-how, the brand is run by Gaia Leonori Pratesi and her children Athos and Margherita who work to keep their family legacy and traditions alive.

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A new brand in the world of Italian luxury linens powered by 115 years of the Pratesi family heritage & craftsmanship. Verderoccia


Verderoccia, Italian Atelier based in Tuscany, is committed to honoring the Pratesi family's history with its four-generations legacy, known all over the world for their style, taste, and obsession with quality, offering to a selected clientele of connoisseurs the most exclusive linens.

Verderoccia is built on “Estremo", a new percale with the “perfect” thread count, composed of the longest staple Egyptian cotton, woven, finished and embroidered in Italy by the same artisans who, for generations, worked for the family. Their gifted hands are the vital rock upon which Verderoccia is built, with respect and dedication to produce the perfect Italian artisanal product.

Estremo percale is the perfect example of the Pratesi family's commitment to quality of fabrication and design. Its unique threads are made of long, super-fine gauge fibers woven into a crisp yet extremely soft finished product. It is remarkably light and comprised of 95 grams of fibers per square meter resulting the finest, lightest 'whisper' of a finish. 

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