Roma Bella: Hotel Vilòn

Immerse yourself in a true Roman holiday at Hotel Vilòn, a short stroll away from the Spanish Steps and facing a stunning view of Palazzo Borghese. Indulge in an Art Decò inspired atmosphere with contemporary hospitality touches, and make the most of an unprecedented experience of visual and sensory well being in the heart of the Eternal City.

Celebrated by artists, singers and renowned writers, Rome carries an exceptional amount of history and traditions ​capable of inspiring every wanderer and guest that embarks on the experience of visiting the Eternal City. By walking through the historical remains of the Roman Empire and the stunning gardens build inside the ancient Palazzi, everyone can breathe the moving atmosphere of being in a different time.

Rome is also known for its countless hidden treasures, from the secret cohorts behind the busiest streets to perfect gems like the numerous boutique hotels built inside renovated buildings and houses. Located in Campo Marzio in the center of the city, ​Hotel Vilòn is one of these unexpected finds, carrying the ancient flair of the location combined with luxurious hospitality solutions.

Hotel Vilòn is a historic 16th century palazzo that once belonged to the Borghese family and which still looks out onto Palazzo Borghese, providing one of the best views of the city and the atmosphere of the vibrant neighborhood. Within walking distance guests can reach Piazza di Spagna and the Pantheon. The hotel is the perfect starting point for an authentic Roman experience, as it 's entrance stands in one of the narrow cobblestone streets in Campo Marzio, onvce called Vicolo del Melangolo, that leads to the Tiber River. Once known as the “House annexed to Palazzo Borghese”, this stylish, intimate property offers a new take on Roman luxury suited for a relaxing and curated stay.

The boutique hotel is comprised of 18 spacious contemporary guest rooms and suites, with elevated views into the restored private gardens of Palazzo Borghese and a chic private courtyard. The project is tied to many illustrious names of the Roman scene: originally designed by scenographer Paolo Bonfini, the property was further enriched by the collaboration of Florentine photographer Massimo Listri and interior designer Giampiero Panepinto. Influenced by its history, the hotel is filled with many works of art all around the rooms and living spaces.

The carefully curated selection of furnishings is inspired by Art Deco design, to recall the elegance of Rome of the 1950's and ’60s. By decorating each room with its own individual style of pastels, neutrals, black trim and jewel-toned accents, every room is connected while carrying an individual flair to suit every preference. The two different dining areas, the Adelaide Restaurant and Bar, familiarly called In Salotto (in the living room) and the enchanting outdoor garden enrich the hotel with luxurious food exploration and experiences.

The hotel is a carefully constructed concept that aims to provide an unparalleled experience to its guests, where décor and design are just the beginning of the stylish hospitality offer, but the energy throughout the hotel provides a true taste of Rome, both past and present and where time seems to stand still. Strolling around the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon and the nearby shopping districts is just the starting point for a truly unforgettable visit, that begins and ends with the flair of Hotel Vilòn.

The best way to explore Rome is simply to get lost, ending up in a piazza or at a gelateria, and finding small precious gems like the Vilòn.

​Hotel Vilòn

Via dell’Arancio 69, Rome

+39 06 87 81 87

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