Classic Dining

Explore our curated collection of all the things tabletop, featuring artisanal pieces with classic aesthetics. Delicate porcelain with flower designs, crystal glasses and tumblers, hand decorated cakestands and ceramics, silver cutlery with stone details: our selection of tableware crafted by the best Italian artisans will elevate your dining experience with a sophisticated touch.

An elegant dinner, a thoughful celebration, a social gathering: our lives and moments are often centered around our dinner table. Etiquette and rules have guided us for centuries regarding the best way to set it up, and a carefully prepared table can make an enourmous difference on your event: sometimes it's best to keep it simple, with a few classic pieces that will give a sophisticated look to the enseble.

Explore our selection of classic dining tabletop, with unique pieces such as ceramic hand-painted sets by Paola Caselli, fruit-adorned stilverware by ​Braganti, unique brass napkin ringrs by ​Argenterie Pagliai, and precious cotton placemats and napkins by ​Alessandro Di Marco; our collection of beaufitul pieces handmade by Italy's best artisans will fit every table.

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