Colorful Glassware Sets

Discover a collection of colorful glassware sets, the perfect addition to your summer tabletop décor. Explore traditional Empoli glassware sets by Creart, where the individual hue of each glass gives the set a timeless allure; Casarialto's sets where tiny colorful glass sculptures decorate the bottom of each of the glasses adding extra sparkle to any drink; and more unique mouth-blown glassware.

Create a beautiful summer table setting with these delightful glasses. Inspired by the lush scenery and Mediterranean warmth, add these one-of-a-kind handcrafted glasses to you tabletop décor Discover Carlo Moretti's mouth-blown Murano glasses extend to lovely blues, green and pink patterns that resemble paint brush strokes and exquisite ​La Fornasotta swirl Murano glasses that are not only great artistic tabletop pieces but also make great collectible items.

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