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Carpanelli is an "evergreen" company that recalls memory and tradition interpreting it in an innovative way. It stands out for the recognisability of its design and for the workmanship of high cabinetmaking. It expresses its creative identity through a path of constant research and experimentation that aims to meet the needs of the most demanding international clientele. Our stylistic proposal summarizes a balance between refined elegance and emotional impact. The concept of luxury is interpreted as the ability to create personalized furnishing solutions that enhance our craftsmanship quality and attention to detail.

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A combination of tradition and innovation that comes from the wise use of high-quality materials Carpanelli


Carpanelli is a family company that has its roots in the artistic craftsmanship of wood and in high-level cabinet making. A long tradition of craftsmanship: the company is “Bottega d’Autore” since 1919 when it was founded by Giuseppe Carpanelli, known and appreciated cabinet maker. The sons, Luigi, Clementina and Leopoldo in the second generation have valued the things done by their father, leading Carpanelli to be one of the most recognized and appreciated companies in the Italian classic furniture scene. The third generation with Giuseppe, Angelo and Daniele has gathered the witness of a glorious historical reality enhancing the “added values” that have always been recognized in the Carpanelli Style, trying to interpret the challenging challenges that arise today in the world of furniture, revolutionized by changes of lifestyles imposed by the digital revolution.

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