Paolo Giordano

Lombardy, Italy - Designer
Born in Naples in 1954, Paolo studied architecture at the Politecnico in Milan, where he now lives and works. After a career as a photographer, he traveled to India in 1993 and lived there till 1999, founding I+I, a company that produces handmade pieces. He now continues experimenting both in photography and design, concentrating predominantly on the production of exquisite rugs and other objects in limited series characterized by an ethnic charm. These iconic pieces combine innovative technologies and the excellence of handcrafted artisanal methods.
Paolo Giordano

Chandigarh is a collection inspired by Le Corbusier's Radiant City. The vases are made in concrete, colored with the oxides that give the material pastel and chalky tones. They are small structures, vibrant and poetic architectures, and can be used as vase or left as they are. A color can mark the thicknesses by emphasizing the contours. Simple signs like an imaginary alphabet. Evocative structures that reveal a world of unlikely geometries.

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