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Veneto, Italy - Furniture & Lighting Maker
Boasting over a century of history and passion, Testi Group is a family-run business that seeks to celebrate marbles and natural stones through meticulous research and innovation. Based in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, its collections feature singular, first-rate pieces following novel, sustainable procedures rooted in traditional methods. In particular, the Collection Testi Edizioni focuses entirely on sustainability, using recycled materials to create one-off furniture that does not compromise on sophistication.

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Testi Group is a meeting point for innovation, design, architecture, tradition, craftsmanship and natural stone Testi Group

Testi Group

The exceptional know-how handed down over several generations has been rigorously preserved in Testi Group's original workshop in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, where special orders are still made today. The first workshop was founded by the three Testi brothers: Riccardo, Claudio, and Gustavo, sons of the owner of local marble quarries Piero Testi. In the years that followed, the third generation developed other important activities under the TESTIGROUP brand, which today has become one of the main Italian producers in the natural stone sector, well-known internationally.

The four production companies of which it consists, offer customers the most advanced technology, associated with the skillful and artistic craftsmanship practiced every day with passion by highly qualified workers. The high professionalism and experience reached in the sector allow Testi Group to maintain a dialogue with architects and specialists, guaranteeing the final client a project of the highest quality which is far higher than the market average.

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