Color Block: Two Tone Furniture

Discover the strong visual impact of color blocks and the fresh duality of colors. Intense color schemes paired together create a single bold look: a great way to add personality and dimension to home decor. Explore a dynamic collection of two-toned armchairs by Adrenalina, versatile accent pieces by Vito Scamarcia, and couture poufs by Lorenza Bozzoli Designs.

Intense contrasts are created by simultaneously concealing and revealing the textures and materiality of the product. An ideal juxtaposition for furniture pieces not only creates bold interiors but brings out a fascinating narrative. Add a new depth to your living space with a range of two-toned armchairs by ​Adrenalina, versatile accent pieces by ​Vito Scamarcia

Combining unexpected colors, such as salmon pink with teal blue, ​Lorenza Bozzoli Designs' poufs add an avant-garde touch to any space. Canary yellow velvet sofa with contrasting purple piping boasts midcentury silhouettes with a modern color combination.​ Explore ​Colé, an innovative brand that creates sophisticated and fun decor pieces, from mild to wild.

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