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Sigma L2
Sigma L2
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Sigma L2
Sigma L2
Sigma L2

Sigma L2

Lighting Maker - Toscana, Italy

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you make": this vision is an integral part of the Granchi family DNA. For over 100 years an artistic DNA has been flowing in this family where the passion for creation, the unpredictability of the idea, the love for beauty are the fundamental concepts that give life to the creations. Today Simone and Francesca Granchi are the second generation, they introduce innovative processes and experiment with new combinations bringing the company to express itself on custom designs.


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Since 1968, many of our creations have dictated style and design trends, becoming icons that have inspired over time.


This is the story of a family: the Granchi family, one of those Italian families that in the economic context of our country constitute the "vital fulcrum" of companies born from the love for the product they create.
It all began in the 60s with a very small company. Paolo and Gianna, husband and wife, founded SIGMA L2, which, with care and craftsmanship, produces lights, vases, objects and furnishings in ceramics whose products began to establish themselves not only in the Italian market but also abroad where they became ambassadors of that Made in Italy that has contributed so much to the growth of the country. In this company has always been present a powerful artistic vein inherited from Paolo's father, Delio, an appreciated Florentine sculptor of the '900.

Today Simone and Francesca, Paolo and Gianna's sons, are the second generation. Lovers of beautiful things and quality, able to perceive and anticipate the evolution of taste, over the years they have led the company to open up to new developments, making it dynamic and exclusive while preserving the cultural peculiarity of craftsmanship from whose tradition everything originated. Introducing innovative processes and experimenting with new combinations, now mixes multiple materials such as brass and steel glass and crystal, wood and marble, stone and leather, the finest fabrics, continue the path of stylistic research that today distinguishes the production of SIGMA L2.

Over time, the company expresses itself through the ability to propose customized solutions, creating projects and collaborations that lead to the creation of truly unique pieces. We offer different solutions: customization of products in the catalog, extensions of our lines, and exclusive solutions which means designing specifically according to customer needs.
The passion for creation, the love for beauty, the cult for tradition makes our Projects department like a refined boutique where the interchange between creatives, artisans, designers creates a spirit of cooperation thus developing pieces and solutions for private residences, yachts and public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, spas, stores, showrooms, etc..

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