Purho: Design Meets Murano Glass

Discover Purho and their newly launched Incisioni collection designed by Federico Peri and crafted by talented glassmiths. The brand celebrates Murano glass by partnering with internationally renowned designers to create unique home décor pieces made for contemporary spaces.

Founded in 2012 by Andrea Dotto, ​Purho is a new protagonist of Italian design. The brand aims at celebrating the marriage between Murano glass and contemporary design. Purho is capable of creating products stemming from a solid research based on the observation of current tastes and new creative languages seen through the lens of the Murano glassmaking tradition.

Purho's mission is to build over time a collection of products capable of renewing the dialogue between the world of design and that of Murano glass. Purho wants to celebrate the traditions and the techniques used in the island of Murano to give life to a new generation of products capable of living in contemporary spaces by re-interpreting classic functions through sculptural forms capable of enhancing the beauty, the colors, and the transparency of Murano glass today.

Purho’s thematic collections are characterized by clear-cut designs featuring curvy as well as markedly geometrical lines featuring color in its purity as a main trait. The brand is continuously expanding the number of collaborations with international designers including ​Karim Rashid​Alessandro Mendini, Filippo Feroldi and Elena Cutolo.

Most recently Purho has collaborated with designer Federico Peri on the newly launched Incisioni collection: pleats, soft colors and the unmistakable transparency of Murano glass with minute dimensions whose material surfaces give unexpected textures and soft geometries. 

Glass is a material that is as fascinating as it is complex, but which at the same time allows an infinite possibility of results given by the combinations of colors and shapes, more so than engraving. Playing with transparencies, textures, is what I love most about glass, and from these ideas the first collection was born - Federico Peri

When we asked Purho why they have decided to collaborate with Federico Peri they told us that to them Federico represents the quintessence of the designer. His approach to design is characterized by a timeless elegance, capable of combining different eras and styles, making serial production interact with limited series. Federico’s consistency and his meticulous research in the design phase proved essential to expand the possibilities during the phases of product development, to experiment with unconventional approaches and techniques with results that do not want to surprise but want to convince with grace and elegance.

The Incisioni collection by Federico Pero is composed of vases, ashtrays, candle holders, candlesticks, and stunning table lamps — Haute and Petite — for a collection in which contemporary shapes and colors gracefully reinterpret the tradition of Murano glass. The new lamps Haute and Petite press forward with Peri’s research around the theme of glass engraving. Banding, pleating, ribbed excavations cover the surfaces of these lamps, softening their cylindrical shape — interrupted only by the bases in brushed aluminum. 

Haute and Petite lamps are available in three different models: Silk characterized by delicate vertical banding culminating in the slightly concave upper surface, Doll composed of one smooth half and the other half crossed by a thick knurling and Stripe that is covered in thick horizontal lines. An interesting detail of this collection of lamps is the presence of the internal iris obtained by alternating different layers of color for a murrina effect which, once illuminated, creates a very interesting effect, "As if there was a soul suspended inside," to use Peri’s own words.

Discover Purho unique collection of home décor, lighting and furniture on their Artemest online shop.

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