F.A.L.A - Fabbrica Artigianale Lavorazione Argento

F.A.L.A - Fabbrica Artigianale Lavorazione Argento

Lombardy, Italy


F.A.L.A is an artistic journey that began fifty years ago in Cernobbio, north of Lake Como. F.A.L.A was founded in 1978 by four friends - Ermes Pasquin, Gianni Taroni, Gianni Ciapessoni, and Paolo Carugati - who strived to bring the grandeur of Italian artisan production to the public sphere. A leader in Italian silver manufacturing, under the direction of Ermes’s son, Paolo Pasquin, F.A.L.A is taking center stage in the international market, gaining fame and notoriety for the impeccable technique - rooted in traditional crafting methods - and the quality of all its pieces.

The Collection

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