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Strategically located in the Brianza textile hub, spHaus is a cutting-edge design company established by Filippo Dell’Orto in 2004 producing 100% Italian-made, high-end contemporary indoor and outdoor upholstered couches, armchairs, and a wide range of home decor accessories. Eschewing standard design conventions while not losing sight of tradition and innovation, spHaus pieces are marked by a sleek aesthetic with a formal functional character created in collaboration with Italian and international designers.

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spHaus has been established by Filippo Dell’Orto in 2004 as a progressive and innovative design company, producing and distributing 100% made in Italy top level furnishings, lightings, and accessories. The company’s production guidelines were set up from the first catalog: a product capable of going beyond the conventions of the sector’s large commercial brands by applying the principle of formal innovation, without losing sight of pureness and functionality and, above all, without ever being merely decorative.

spHaus then achieved the advantage of high-end quality by the perfect balance between industrial and handicraft production, as a warranty of a unique object.

Year after year, the product range grew continuously, offering an increasingly complete and sophisticated catalog. Italian and international designers began relationships with spHaus by bringing variety and aesthetic richness without deviating from the established principles.

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