Stefano Robiglio

Piedmont, Italy - Blacksmith
Forging metal is Stefano Robiglio’s great passion. A self-taught blacksmith, Robiglio was born in Acqui Terme, Piedmont in 1988 and is currently based in Visone, where he forges his unique and exclusive creations in his studio, from traditional gates and railings to sculptures and décor pieces. Nature and the female figure are his main inspirations: fixed in iron, a material associated with stability, each piece is shaped with fire to make it flexible and dynamic, thus giving life to volumes and lines that convey a sense of movement and balance in a three-dimensional form.

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I strongly believe in the tight relationship between art and craftsmanship Stefano Robiglio

Stefano Robiglio

The act of molding what is apparently an inanimate matter is deeply rooted in history. The heat of the fire and the energy of capable hands transform materials into art. That kind of art is inspired by the colors of the Earth, nature, and seasons, but also influenced by emotions and creativity of the artist - the only one able to see shapes and images where other people only see fough matter.

Attraction to wrought iron makes you develop an overwhelming passion for it. You will need to touch with your hands the beaten piece to feel the coarse sensation left by the strokes, junction points, riveting, and boilings.

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