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Established in 2007 as an offshoot of the acclaimed, Bassano-based Meneghetti Mobili furniture firm, TablesWin creates tailor-made gaming tables and casino equipment renowned for their sartorial quality. Cutting-edge technology and prized raw materials are combined to ensure high-quality designs that will last for years of gaming sessions to come. Working with private customers and world-class casinos alike, every piece is customizable down to the smallest detail for an exclusive aesthetic and entertainment experience.

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A winning tradition of innovation TablesWin


With its unique made-to-measure approach to gaming design, Tableswin ups the stakes on any gaming session. Combining the signature comfort of bespoke luxury with the latest in gaming technology, our exclusive range offers trusted performance and smart solutions for uncompromising individuals and world-class casinos alike.

Tableswin produces gaming tables and casino equipment fully customizable. Tableswin represents the connection between technology, design, and art. From the marriage between experience and the freshness of new technology, emerges Tableswin, a company that can create the “sartorial” product, stitched to perfection on the desire of the customer and that can enchants thanks to the use of the best raw materials and a maniacal striving for perfection in the details.

Tableswin reinvents the craftsmanship, giving value to the manufacturing tradition, and contextualizes masterfully through the use of the most modern technologies thanks to the main company’s engine: the passion and devotion to a complex craft, charming and immortal, able to design and develop products that go beyond the simple object, becoming true masterpieces.

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