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Located in the heart of the lighting fixture production in the Veneto region, between the cities of Venice and Padua, Multiforme produces decorative and custom lighting, following every step from the design of each piece to its completion. These unique and exclusive objects represent manufacturing excellence, from the sourcing of the highest quality materials to the most superb finishes. Every product is not only striking, but also a perfect fixture combining functionality and exquisite design.

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Light up your dreams. Your project, our experience. Your idea, our creativity. Your dream, our light. Multiforme


Simply saying that Multiforme is a Murano glass chandelier factory is rather reductive. Multiforme is a dream-maker, a keeper of ancient craft alchemy, a builder of light magic. Their glass and crystal chandeliers are unique, exclusive creations of refined taste and an aesthetic of enchanting luxury that is never ostentatious. They are works of lighting that do not fear time or fashions: they encapsulate in the heart of glass the timeless art of beautiful things, the history of harmonious proportions, the repurposing of established forms in new styles of design and design research.

The handcrafted soul of Multiforme's lighting, design products is reinvented every time a new project starts, confronting the technical needs and specific demands of architects and designers. This is one of the company's strengths and an object of vaunt: they design and produce custom chandeliers providing solutions to the customer's total measure, including large-scale and oversized. “Light up your dreams”: this is Multiforme’s motto that becomes real with the production of their lighting works: unique, handcrafted, precious.

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Multiforme lighting proposals are authentic manifestations of Made in Italy values. The glass chandeliers producedare the result of a process aimed at excellence, combining craftsmanship, technology and design. The attention to detail and the constant search for exclusivity are immediately recognisable in each of Multiforme works of light. It expresses style and creativity in every creation, in a passionate and dynamic way. In its chandeliers factory, Multiforme works with obsessive quality right from the design stage: sales and technical departments coordinate the production, workshop, assembly and packaging departments according to the dictates of the project management. Strict quality controls and procedures allow itto verify materials, details and finishes, as well as conformity, safety and functionality of all chandeliers in production. 

Every phase of the work is controlled in pursuit of the company’s Mission: the excellence of the work, the satisfaction of the end customer.


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