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Lighting Maker - Veneto, Italy

Established in 2010, this brand manufactures unique, tailor-made luxury lighting fixtures. Combining the expertise of masterful craftsmen with innovative and ambitious designs, Aggiolight creates bespoke chandeliers that are veritable masterpieces with a distinctive neo-classic allure. Mixing innovative materials with traditional methods and crafting each object with an entirely in-house production process,this brand conveys the inestimable value of the Italian luxury heritage.


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Aggio Light can offer solutions, providing unique masterpieces, equipped with highest quality and performance LED sources and perfectly integrated with software control systems


Aggio Light was established in 2010 as a brand manufacturing tailormade luxury lighting fixtures for contract work. Aggio Light is the brand of AggioGroup Srl, operating in the lighting field since 1979. The brand itself is a project that makes ambitious qualified and innovative people work and cooperate with expert craftsmen that know how to create unique sparkling lighting masterpieces. This aspect together with tradition and quality has always been evident in the product, with the result that the company has quickly acquired international dimensions and recognition.

Aggio Light, based in Italy, near Venezia, designs and manufactures all the components inside its own business units, and gives its distinctive touch tone-classic trends, through a wealth of styles, using advanced production technologies. Research and design are carried out by a team of qualified experts always searching for innovative materials and finishings to produce unique masterpieces. Aggio Light is specialized in the creation of bespoke art chandeliers, made according to craft tradition. Our close cooperation with Architects and DesignStudios means we study on a day-by-day basis every detail of the plans for the consulting of the construction of customized chandeliers and lighting fixtures. The creations fully convey the inestimable value of this Italian luxury heritage.

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