Lombardy, Italy - Designer
Alessio Elli is a designer and artist with a passion for glass and its many creative opportunities. After studying traditional techniques, Elli explored the digital direct printing technique, thanks to which he has developed his own unique and modern style. His pieces are characterized by a distinctive balance of shapes, light, and transparency and give natural accents to the environment they are placed in. Elli’s works have been shown in Italy and the United States. It has been awarded the prize "America Innovazione" assigned by the prestigious Fondazione Italia USA.

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Our mission is to create beautiful, innovative and enduring design pieces. Elli


Elli challenges the future with avant-garde shapes and contemporary innovative designs, using the most revolutionary technology that blends with a wide network of highly passionate artisans. Elli is synonymous with perseverance, curiosity, research, experimentation, innovation and Italian exquisiteness. 

Innovative & Sustainable manufacturing are part of the DNA of the Elli creative process. Elli Design's challenge is to reshape the current design procedure, combining Italian tradition and excellence, with innovative and sustainable technology. Manufactured through the seamless collaboration between designers, artisans and robots, the first collection links the past of Italian design to its sustainable, innovative future.

The Collection

Elli Design exhibited new and exciting ways of manufacturing modular furniture (with its Zero collection) in a bid to promote the circular economy and the company’s dedication to green practices. The modular furniture collection represents zero waste in production and Zero as a reference to the circular movement of the robot that 3D-prints each striking piece.

A collection of oval-shaped, 3D-printed components that serve multiple functions depending on the shape.Zero sweeps without limits between complex and futuristic shapes that wouldn’t look out of place in any context—private, residential, or hospitality. They can be combined in different configurations to create setups in lounges, holding areas, and office spaces to striking effect. At present, it is available in two color ways including a lighter option made from a glossy white PLA that comes with a natural oak table top, and a darker variation made from recycled plastic with a white Fenix table top. Zero intends to represent a concept of freedom, leaving people free to interpret it and place it with infinite possibilities.


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