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Nunzia Ponsillo

Condiviso 4-Tier Yellow/Red Alicante Serving Stand

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Condiviso 4-Tier Yellow/Red Alicante Serving Stand - Main view
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A functional tableware piece brimming with a vibrant personality, this four-tier serving stand boasts a sculptural and dynamic silhouette making for the ideal artful centerpiece in case of aperitifs or dinners with French-style service. Slender arms branching off from the central stem - each ending in a circular plate for displaying food - form the yellow-lacquered iron frame extending from the conical base in Red Alicante marble. Please ask the Concierge for optional hues and marbles.

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Product Details

MaterialMarbleDimensions (in)W 8.66 x D 9.06 x H 12.99Product referenceNUNZRN-304Tearsheet

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