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Studio Le Nid
Studio Le Nid
Studio Le Nid
Studio Le Nid
Studio Le Nid
Studio Le Nid

Studio Le Nid

Ceramist - Sicilia, Italy

Established in 1966 by master artisan Barbaro Messina and based in Paternò, Sicily, Studio Le Nid started as a small workshop of ceramic sculptures and “bonboniere” and eventually became internationally renowned for its traditional majolica. Each captivating piece draws inspiration from Sicily’s rich past and incorporates volcanic materials from Mount Etna for a defining character. Since 2001, Studio Le Nid has been guided by Vincenzo, Filippo, and Rita Messina, who carry forward their father’s artistic mission, uniting ancient handcraftsmanship with innovative technology.


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Tradition, Myth and Innovation.


Studio Le Nid tiles are the result of skilful and passionate hands that translate the images of a beautiful land, where the black lava of Etna is accompanied with the scent of green citrus groves, in artistic production.

Sicily is a land full of contrast. Its generous nature, and its prestigious artisan tradition became the starting point for Studio Le Nid to mix tradition, innovation, research and experimentation so that the artistic tiles are the result of a contemporary classicism. They transform into unique pieces, specimens of a culture and a lifestyle, the Sicilian one.

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