Langosteria Paraggi

Discover ​Langosteria Paraggi, a splendid pieds-dans-l’eau restaurant located in the heart of one of the most beautiful bays of the Ligurian coast, just on a side of the charming town of Portofino. Discover this magical restaurant and its sophisticated décor.

Langosteria Paraggi Restaurant, Liguria, Italy
Langosteria Paraggi Restaurant, Liguria, Italy

Located in the charming Bagni Fiore in the breath taking bay of Paraggi bay, just behind the renowned town of Portofino, ​Langosteria Paraggi is a splendid pieds-dans-l’eau fish restaurant surrounded by crystal clean waters and a luxuriant promontory. The dreamy location is one of the most beautiful and historical beaches of the Ligurian coast, since 1927.  

Langosteria Paraggi Restaurant, Liguria, Italy

​Open from morning to evening, Langosteria Paraggi follows the relaxed pace typical of vacation days. The restaurant offers an impeccable service from breakfast - with Italian pastries and typical Ligurian Focaccia -, to light fish lunches, that can be enjoyed comfortably on the sunbed, to romantic candlelit dinners. The stunning seaside scenario is accompanied by the finest cuisine that guarantees high quality local ingredients: seasonal menus and signature dishes will bring the best from  Italian seas and rivers to the table, arranged in exclusive proposals for exceptional flavors. 

Langosteria Paraggi Restaurant, Liguria, Italy
Langosteria Paraggi Restaurant, Liguria, Italy

The restaurant concept, designed by founder Enrico Buonocore and renowned architecture and design studios, wants to reinterpret the refined Riviera style, with glamorous modern touches given by exquisite illustrations that decor each wall. The floors in teak wood and the large round mirrors in brass will immerse the guests into a sophisticated nautical atmosphere, perfectly in line with the location. Interiors feature a summer color palette: the recognizable orange was adapted to Bagni Fiori characteristic nuances, such as red, green and white. To complete the magical atmosphere, Langosteria's iconic air-balloons float from the ceiling thanks to the delicate sea breeze.

Truly a not to be missed destination if planning to visit the region of Liguria and its incredible coastline. 

Langosteria Paraggi Restaurant, Liguria, Italy

​Langosteria Paraggi
​Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)
​Via Paraggi a Mare, 1
​Tel. +39 0185 046284

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