Lombardy, Italy - Lighting Designer
Margart is a young project by designer Margherita Sala whose mission is sustainably and responsibly using natural resources to create new design concepts for the modern home. Following a new trend of sustainable luxury design committed to sustainability and protection of the environment, the brand’s continuous research into innovative natural materials gives form to unique design pieces that combine a refined aesthetic with an unmistakable organic flair.

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With Margart I have combined my artistic flair and vision of design with the charm and respect for the natural world. Margart


Margart was born from the love of nature, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the designer Margherita Sala. A new reality of sustainable luxury design products that venerate one of the most important pillar of sustainability: the protection of the environment.

The constant commitment and continuous research into innovative natural materials give uniqueness and prestige to design pieces that awaken in people a greater awareness for the safeguard of nature.

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