Moscabianca Design

Veneto, Italy - Furniture Maker
Moscabianca Design is a furniture brand by Frighetto & Partners that specializes in timeless designer collections with an eccentric, playful twist. With more than forty years of experience, the brand’s furniture pieces are handmade using only the best materials, sowing the seeds for a singular stylistic identity that embodies the simultaneously avant-garde and classic personality of the company. Master artisans deftly shape each piece by hand, bringing to life founder Pier Luigi Frighetto’s visionary design projects.

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The genesis of each new creation: an explosive aesthetic vision and a deep awareness of materials and techniques. Moscabianca Design

Moscabianca Design

Moscabianca is a brand that bears the signature of over 40 years of design and experience in the production of fine furniture elements. A selection of objects and upholstered furniture that embody the essence of luxury in an iconic and unequivocal way: without compromise, the highest quality finishes become design and form in furniture elements that combine innovative solutions with timeless lines. 

Every object embodies a harmonious path of wise stylistic choices. Everything starts from Pier Luigi Frighetto's design: avant-garde solutions that match iconic lines, with the balance between classic and modern that only the best design is able to express. The rigor takes shape with the selection of the best materials, also combined in an unusual and always distinctive way: the finishes are not only aesthetic and functional choices, but also the expression of a distinctive positioning. the workmanship is handmade by the best Italian craftsmen: wise and experienced hands that make possible the union between form and matter, giving life to objects that can become distinctive elements in the luxury home decor.

The quality of Italian manufacturing is combined with the classic and visionary design of Pier Luigi Frighetto: Moscabianca is like this. Classically eccentric, elegantly unique, distinctive, and rare: a collection of objects with a strong but discreet character. Because elegance is the harmonious whole of exclusive details, perfectly studied by a great conductor.

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