Bedroom Décor

The bedroom is one of the most important and personal room of the house: it has to reflect your style and include your favorite shades and objects. Discover our curated selection of essentials for your beedroom: vanity desks, room dividers, nightstands and beds finely handcrafted in Italy.

To design the perfect bedroom explore our selection of ​​beds, from wooden structures to prized metals, and dress them up with our linen and silk ​bedding, velvet ​cushions and warm ​blankets. Add some thoughtful décor on your ​nightstands and ​dressers such as ​frames and dimmed ​table lamps, and create a multi-dimensional space with our selection of ​screens. To complete the atmosphere, choose a ​vanity table, the perfect addition to the space that can be paired with ​jewelry boxes for a curated look.

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