New Arrivals

New This Week

Discover our weekly selection of new arrivals: from furniture to lighting, décor and tabletop accessories, have a first look at the latest addition to the world of luxury Italian craftsmanship.

This week explore ceramic vases inspired by Maya treasures by ​Stromboli Design, classic furniture by ​Cugini Lanzani, precious marble lamps by ​Matlight, new wooden boxes by ​Morici, minimal cement vases by ​Paolo Giordano, modern armchairs and sofas by ​Bodema, finely decorated vases by ​Alberto Giampieri, furniture with a clean-lined silhouette by ​BP Sedie, new essential furniture by ​DOM Edizioni, elegant ceramic décor by ​Lineasette and luxury home accessories by ​CG Cappelletti.

New Artisans

Stromboli Design

Committed to craftsmanship, slow design, and upcycling, Stromboli was founded in 2016 in Mexico City by French artist and designer Clémence Seilles. Tireless research into innovative waste materials and a network of artisans and suppliers across France, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Italy earned the brand international recognition, with Napapijri, Safilo, Mama Shelter, and RSVP Paris among its clientele. Named after the Sicilian volcanic island, the brand only produces limited-stock collections.

Cugini Lanzani

Founded in 1798 in Meda (Monza and Brianza) by four brothers, Cugini Lanzani specializes in luxe furniture and chairs handcrafted following the traditional techniques of French ebony carpenters. Boasting over 220 years of history reflected in the 2500 original models of all produced works, the workshop-museum includes English, American, and Italian works and was recognized as a historic heritage site for the city of Brianza.

New Collections

Matlight Milano

    Established in 2014 in Milan, Matlight Milano brings together the skills of expert Italian artisans specialized in lighting and marble working. Guided by the motto “Stone meets Light”, this dynamic brand merges contemporary trends with fine craftsmanship, creating highly customizable pieces that are unique and exclusive. All pieces are characterized by linear silhouettes and fine materials and crafted with painstaking attention to detail.


      Morici was established in 1979 in Recanati, in the Province of Macerata. For forty years, the company has passed down centuries of Italian woodworking tradition. Using natural woods and leathers chosen with care, Morici is where the manual abilities of Italian master artisans meet modern production technology. Modern products of the highest quality, to the tiniest detail.

      Paolo Giordano

        Born in Naples in 1954, Paolo studied architecture at the Politecnico in Milan, where he now lives and works. After a career as a photographer, he traveled to India in 1993 and lived there till 1999, founding I+I, a company that produces handmade pieces. He now continues experimenting both in photography and design, concentrating predominantly on the production of exquisite rugs and other objects in limited series characterized by an ethnic charm.


                  A family-managed brand with an artisanal soul that started in the 60s in the heart of Brianza, the renowned cabinetmaking district near Milan, Bodema creates furniture pieces that are destined to become part of one’s own personal story, made with attention to detail in an elegant combination of design and functionality. Always present at Milan Design Week, since 2012 Bodema has also added a 700 mq showroom near Meda, becoming a hub for contractors, architects, and designers.

                  Alberto Giampieri

                    From the workshops of the Master Artisans to the inauguration of the Arco Azzurro in 2011, Alberto Giampieri opened his laboratory with the aim of creating an art studio to house Crafts, Art and Design. His collection of vase sculptures, The White Symphony, perfectly blends the Liberty style and contemporary Pop Surrealism to create splendid dreamlike compositions. With his many collections, simple and rich in color, Giampieri is the winner of the OMA Craftsman Award and of Blogs & Crafts 2017.

                    BP Sedie

                      BP Sedie began as a small workshop in the province of Udine, Italy, founded in 1970 by Gianni Burlina. The workshop moved to a bigger space nearby in 1977, continuing to produce its sculptural chairs, tables, and other interior design furniture. Deep love and appreciation for wood - its hues, scents, and grains - lies at the heart of the brand’s design ethos, guiding the selection of high-quality raw materials and meticulous in-house production process of logging, seasoning, shaping the object, and finishing to reveal a spectacular finished product.

                      DOM Edizioni

                                    Domenico Mula founded DOM Edizioni guided by his passion for interior design. Mula’s pieces express purity of form, attention to detail, and innovation in a combination that is luxurious and timeless. Each object is crafted using traditional methods and boasts a unique and voluptuous quality that is immediately recognizable and never banal, imbuing character into an elegant home or commercial space.


                                    Giuseppe Bucco and Flavio Cavalli founded Lineasette in 1977 to focus their research into innovative ceramic technologies and contemporary design. Their pure and essential creations are produced exclusively with artisanal methods. Porcelain is their material of choice, worked by hand using an engobe coating to provide greater depth to the decorated surface, and subsequently fired at high temperatures.

                                    CG Cappelletti

                                    Founded by Antonio Capelletti in 1861 in Meda, Province of Monza and Brianza, C.G. Capelletti was once a small artisanal workshop. Today the company is an international leader in their sector, creating furnishings for private villas, hotels, restaurants, public spaces, and yachts. Each of their pieces is reproduced from historic pieces, respecting proportions, materials, and finishes to satisfy any client, even those requesting personalization.