New Arrivals

New This Week

Discover our exclusive weekly selection of new arrivals: ranging from furniture to lighting, décor and tabletop, here you can find a first look of the latest addition to the world of luxury Italian craftsmanship.

This week explore contemporary armchairs by ​Cappellini, decorative ceramics by ​Mirkò, decorative apples by ​Eva Design, stunning plates by ​Coralla Maiuri and ​Lou Arte Ceramica, modern floor lamps by ​G.Luce, new glass vases by ​Venini, mirrors and furniture by ​Momenti, and Sardinian textiles by ​Tessile Medusa.

New Artisans

Lou Arte Ceramica

A jewelry designer, decorator, and illustrator in addition to being a renowned ceramist, Luis Isabel Dagnoni created Lou Arte Ceramica by merging various professional experiences into one single passion: ceramics. Working in the area of Bassano, Vento, where pottery tradition dates back to the 17th century, Lou Arte Ceramica creates interior design pieces that are both functional and aesthetically enchanting. Richly detailed, the works are inspired by Haute Cuisine and are made for decorating tableware with a singular taste.

Eva Design

Designer William Zanotto established EVA Design in 2016 to bring his idea of ceramic apple-shaped artworks to life. Named after the biblical figure Eve - Adam’s wife who dared to eat the forbidden fruit (an apple) from the tree of knowledge - the brand produces unique collections each with different sources of inspiration and aesthetic character. Zanotto only uses top-rate materials for his pieces, such as silver and 24K gold leaf in his Raku series drawing upon the ancient Japanese pottery technique.

Tessile Medusa

Established in the ‘60s in Samugheo and taken over by Marcella and Daniela Sanna in 2004, Tessile Medusa boasts a rich production of rugs, curtains, tablecloths, and upholstery fabrics. The development of mechanical weaving techniques alongside traditional, manual ones allowed the brand to improve production while remaining faithful to the local traditions kept alive by the master weavers. The designs - inspired by blooming gardens, emerald waters, and tones of an authentic, rural Sardinia - reinterpret ancient patterns with a refined modern sensibility.


Italian painter and ceramist Mirkò is renowned for his novel interpretation of Cubism marked by modernist and classic influences. Particularly inspired by Dutch artist Frans Brugman, Mirkò uses ceramic and paint to develop historical, mythological, religious, and natural subjects, specifically that of the Amalfi Coast where he lives and works. Protagonist of various international exhibitions, his singular style makes him one of the foremost exponents of Italian contemporary art.

New Collections


Founded in 1946 as a small artisan workshop, Cappellini has evolved into an international brand distinguished for its bold innovation and creativity, crafting high-quality furniture for all styles that let the imagination soar. Under Art Director Giulio Cappellini, recently nominated by Time Magazine as one of the most influential fashion and design trendsetters, the brand has fostered collaborations with young designers around the world and strengthened its commitment to sustainability under the Greenguard program.

Coralla Maiuri

Coralla Maiuri is an artist who lives in Milan and Rome and whose work has been exhibited around the world. Resulting from experimentations with various materials, her ceramic and porcelain creations are inspired by her passion for nature and are crafted and decorated by hand. Her vases and jars create dynamic universes, while her collections of china comprise six series inspired by Roman Renaissance and Baroque styles, named after the six rooms in Villa Borghese Gallery in Rome.


Iconic glassmaking company Cappellin Venini &C. was founded in 1921 by Paolo Venini and Giacomo Cappelin. Divided and renamed Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Venini in 1925, it soon became a well-recognized name in artistic glass production, reaching its golden age in the 1980s with important collaborations with distinguished artists, designers, and architects. Venini’s exquisite blown glass objects represent the perfect marriage between Murano’s tradition and original designs.


For over 30 years, G.Luce has played an influential role in the designing light sector. High quality materials, expert craftsmanship and continuous research on the production and assembly processes characterize the G.Luce collections which are all made in Italy. The company from Lentate sul Seveso, in Monza and Brianza, operates in the private sector and also in the areas of contract and nautical furniture. The versatility of the products and cutting-edge technologies allow them to create customized models based on different requirements.


Founded in 2005 by Alexander and Matteo Bagnai, MOMENTI is a design workshop located in Predappio, near Forlì. Defining themselves as tailors of Italian design, the Bagnai brothers create furniture, rugs, and wallpapers that completely customize a redefine a room in all its surfaces. Each piece is meticulously crafted by local artisans rich in expertise in keeping with traditional methods while producing modern, one-of-a-kind pieces.