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Giovanna La Falce
Giovanna La Falce
Giovanna La Falce
Giovanna La Falce
Giovanna La Falce

Giovanna La Falce

Ceramist - Lombardia, Italy

A unique artist who lives and works in Milan, Giovanna la Falce started as a painter more than 20 years ago. Inspired by movement and the human body, she ventured into three-dimensionality with sculpture, using bronze and iron, till she started using clay and exploring the Raku technique. Her works have been exhibited in Italy and across Europe. Her strongly expressive collections featured here are entirely decorated by hand, with each piece being a one-of-a-kind handmade object.


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Inspiration comes to me from life, from everything I experience and love, but especially from the love of BEAUTY, in whatever form and meaning.


After working for several years in the fashion world, she devoted herself to art. During decades of activity she has tackled painting, sculpture, photography and a wide variety of material techniques. She has mainly used oil for painting, lost wax bronze and clay for sculpture, pixels and again oil for her photographic paintings.

Clay, that is, earth, is the ultimate natural and primordial material that has always fascinated man. The malleability and three-dimensionality of clay offer Giovanna La Falce the possibility of creating refined textural works: plates and tableware, hand-painted with non-toxic oxides or glazes; delicate and ethereal vases obtained with the paperclay technique, a process that from the combination of clay powder, water and paper allows the creation of very light and impalpable artifacts. Giovanna La Falce also makes use of the Raku technique: an ancient Japanese philosophy and art of working with ceramics.

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