Unique Floral Wallpapers

Explore a selection of romantic hand-painted floral wallpapers, featuring precious paper sheets decorated with flowers, forests and tropical landscapes by a selection of incredibly talented wallpaper artists. Make your room a relaxing, poetic sanctuary by adding a touch of nature in either soft of contrasting colors, creating lush atmospheres and adding character to any space with our selection of artisanal pieces.

Wallpaper is an essential part of interior design, either the focal point of the room, with décor designed to fit the style of the walls, or a well-thought final touch to tie the room together. Botanical, floral prints are often a popular choice that can turn the room into a relaxing, poetic space, but the options are not limited to springtime and Japanese-inspired sceneries: pastel hues, pinks and mint shades are juxtaposed with darker tones, contrasting patterns and vibrant scenes that give any project character and personality.

Explore our selection of floral wallpapers, including ​winter scenes with delicate white flowers by Misha, traditional ​tropical designs with big, bold botanicals by Larghevedute that will make anyone feel like they are in the middle of a bouquet, ​patterned scenes with springtime elements by Co.De Wall and more, hand-painted by out excellent Italian artisans.

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