Bohemian Swing

Bright patterns and memorable layers of refined yet unforgettable elements: bohemian style is the perfect solution to give an environment a bold personality. Discover our collection of bohemian furniture and home accessories, including brave juxtapositions of geometric cushions, weaved wood with an artisanal flair and colorful upholstered pieces.

The core of a true Bohemian space is interest and peculiarity: a collection of different pieces, with color and patterns as the absolute protagonists, where the comfort of a splendid upholstered sofa or throw cushions is the key to create a relaxed, creative and exciting space. In true Bohemian fashion, every furnishing accessory and décor must tell a story with its strong personality, resulting in the juxtaposition of unconventional patterns and designs arranged with a unique flow. By layering muted hues such as earthy greens and browns with an abundance of bright pinks, oranges and jewel tones, each rooms feels personal, memorable and exciting.

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