Calm and Restful Aesthetic

Home is the place where you want to feel chill and round off the day in a peaceful and serene way, refreshing your mind and body. Discover the calming effect of our curated selection of furniture and décor with an elegant clean look to add small indulgent touches of neutral tones to your favorite environment.

Coming home and surrender to a calming enveloping atmosphere is a priceless sensation: warm neutral tones, the soothing effect of natural wood and the inviting texture of soft fabrics will give your interiors a dreamy and ethereal look, creating a serene atmosphere and a warm feeling. Touches of beige, brown and neutrals, as well as the choice of soft, sinuous shapes, are the perfect choice for a clean look that feels inviting, familiar yet refined and modern.

Explore our collection of design pieces entirely handcrafted by Italian artisans with the finest materials, perfect to project a sense of calm and peace to your home making it “a place to breathe”: form sophisticated yet ergonomic lounge chairs by ​Torselli to wooden lamps with a unique natural allure by ​Bottega Progetto and warm home accessories with terracotta shades by​ Paolo Castelli.

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