Essentials for a Grandmillennial Space

Discover the essentials for a Grandmillennial-themed space paying homage to marvelous interiors typical of everyone's favorite eccentric grandmother. Floral patterns, striped textiles and hearty lampshades are joint with the Millennial's taste, making for a harmonious and joyful living, rich in color and bizarre pieces.​


Floral Everything

A floral pattern is the essential part in a grandmillennial living space, adding a colorful charme with décor and furniture. Discover creations from Francesca Colombo, Ilaria Ferrero Toueg and more.​


Rocking Seating

Explore artisanal seating by creatives such as Fratelli Boffi, Billiani 1911 and Casamania.​


Wicker Décor

By weaving layer after layer, these furniture pieces are entirely composed of a woven pattern making them one of a kind and stand out from the rest. Look at pieces of designers such as Giobagnara, Bottega Intreccio and Mila Maurizi.


Pink Hues

From pale pink to cerise, magenta and fuchsia, discover our editor's picks adding a pink touch to your spaces. Ceramica Baldanza, Zanetto and TipStudio design unique creations in this beautiful palette.


Retro Table Lamps

Add a unique touch to your lighting by selecting a retro table lamp, a classic from a grandma's home. These incredible pieces are from CG Cappelletti, Le Porcellane and more.​

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