Falling for Foliage

Discover a collection loosely inspired by fall foliage: shades of orange, burnt red and mustard couple with soft textures and natural patterns for guaranteed cozy vibes. Leaf through a selection of vibrant pieces to celebrate the season in style - from foliage sconces by Dimoremilano, to soft chairs by Cristina Celestino, to a stunning maple-leaf accent chair by Sicis.

Let the vibrancy of fall infuse your spaces with colors, textures and patterns. 

Carpet Edition's Foliage Autumn Rug will make you feel like walking on a carpet of leaves in an enchanted forest, an atmosphere completed by Dimoremilano's ​Foliage Pendant lamps.  Let yourself be cocooned by Sicis' ​​​Diamond Side Bronze Armchair, clear your mind, and just relax.

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