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Lighting: Geometric Shapes and Soft Finishes

Clean, minimal and geometric: this elegant selection of lighting pieces is perfect to decorate all kinds of environments. Explore our collection of geometric lamps with soft finishes in gold or brushed bronze, destined to last the changes of different styles and trends.

​Lighting, today, is both an art and a science that influences our daily life, it warms and illuminates your environments, adding a touch of character and personality. The choice of a contemporary style for lighting includes essential lines, neutral colors and minimal design. Indeed, new designs refer to simple geometric compositions which, with their essential look, enhance the magic of light. The delicate luminous accent given by these lamps, embodied by soft finishes in gold, muted nickel or brushed bronze, comes in extremely clean shapes and gives the environment an architectural feel.

Among the most geometric shapes, there is definitively the sphere - one of the keyshapes of this year – as, for instance, in the sconces by ​Silvio Mondino Studio or in ​Lumis’ wall lamps; on the other hand we appreciate the formal perfection of the square in ​Pollice Illuminazione lighting pieces, and of the cylinder in the appliques by ​Carpanese Home. Every single piece of our curated selection, with its essential style, lends itself to fit perfectly in your favorite spaces.