Sputnik Chandeliers

Discover a selection of fascinating sputnik chandeliers featuring starburst designs to add some atomic style to your home. Modern silhouettes crafted by talented Italian lighting makers in satinated brass or in precious glass.

​The story of the Sputnik chandelier starts in the middle of the mid-century modern era, when the 1975 launch of the Sputnik orbiting satellite inspired countless shapes and designs and even contaminated the world of home décor: with a core surrounded by multiple arm that end in numerous lightbulbs, pointing in many direction, the Sputnik chandelier resembles the iconic structure of the revolutionary satellite.

In recent times, the shape of the chandelier has both mainained its timeless look, playing with the surround space, and evolved into colorful and unique versions: from classic ​Venetian Sputnik chandeliers with 24k gold details by ​Giovanni Dalla Fina Gallery, to chandeliers where the spikes are ​twisted and bended by ​Fausto Gazzi, up to modern astronomy-inspired ​brass and gold chandeliers by Brass Brothers & Co.

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