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In the last few years, terrazzo has moved from under our feet to furniture and décor pieces, emerging as a prominent trend in interior design. Explore our collection, featuring meticulously crafted pieces from Italy, the birthplace of this exquisite material, and discover how terrazzo can infuse personality into interior spaces, seamlessly blending its ancient roots with contemporary style.

The history of Venetian terrazzo can be traced back to Ancient Rome but develops more concretely in early 15th-century Venice where it spread mainly as a kind of mosaic flooring made from a medley of marble chips and stone fragments of different colors and sizes, as a way to repurpose leftover materials from other projects. In more recent times, terrazzo has firmly established itself in both Italian and international design. In particular, the most distinguishing factor that makes terrazzo such a statement is its inherent uniqueness. The stone and marble elements used in its creation are never identical, ensuring that each piece is a one-of-a-kind work.

Discover, with this curated selection, the multiple personalities and design variants of this unique material. The possibilities are endless, created by the mix of individual stone chips. Prepare to be astonished by the beauty of pieces made with Terrazzo Carrara by Lebanto, the stunning effect created by the combination of concrete and terrazzo by Forma e Cemento, and the essentiality of tables by Giopagani. A mix of simple and more eclectic pieces that beautifully expose this particular material.

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