Terrazzo Furniture & Décor

Today, the use of terrazzo is a growing trend, not only as regards surfaces but, above all, for design furniture and décor. Explore our new collection of selected pieces crafted in Italy in this fascinating material and discover the outstanding and eclectic personality of terrazzo, from its historical origins to its presentday forms.

The history of Venetian terrazzo is rooted in Ancient Rome but develops more concretely in early 15th-century Venice, where it spread mainly as a kind of mosaic flooring made by collecting, from scraps of other works, stone fragments of different colors and size. Today more than ever, terrazzo has taken hold in Italian and international design. Its peculiarities, which make each piece of furniture unique and one-of-a-kind, make this material a real main actor, very fashionable and sought by design lovers.

Discover, with this curated selection, the terrazzo multiple personalities and all the design variants of this material. There are endless combinations, always astonishing, generated through the mixture of individual stone chips! In our selection you can find the essentiality of the furnishings and accessories by ​Joyce Wang and ​Port​ego, the marriage between terrazzo and brass in the charming furnishing and lighting pieces by ​BiancoBianco and the uniqueness of ​Memphis Milano furniture. Equally interesting are the eclectic accessories proposed by ​Manuel Coltri and the decorative tiles by ​Romano.

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