Truffle Passion

The undisputed star of the fall season, truffle, with its unique flavor and aroma is a real sensory treat, a symbol of Italian heritage as well as a lifestyle. Discover the essentials tools and accessories for any truffle lover aiming to enjoy a chic tasting experience.

It's time to explore the gourmand world of truffle, turning food into a real lifestyle experience. Take a look at our edit of essential truffle hunting equipment, including this ​Olive-Green Umbrella that will shelter you from the rain during walks in the woods.

Truffle is a treasure to be shared: discover our selection of tabletop accessories and cookware to taste it in style and conviviality. We suggest Stella Orlandino's​ Lacrima Wine Glass and Schiavone's Inglese Round ​Cheese​ Tray to enjoy truffle with its two best friends: red wine and cheese. 

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