Luxurious Winter Retreats by Alexandra De Garidel

Read our interview with Geneva base interior designer Alexandra De Garidel and explore her luxurious and welcoming winter retreats defined by a comfortable and familiar atmosphere and inspired by the typical Swiss precision and modernity.

Interior designer Alexandra De Garidel
Comfortable living room by Alexandra De Garidel

​Alexandra De Garidel is a Franco-Swiss interior designer and creative director who established an interior design studio in Geneva. Over the last 16 years, she has created unique and luxurious, yet ultimately cozy and welcoming interiors. Alexandra has worked on a diverse range of high-end interior design projects from private residences, hotels, spas, restaurants and institutional spaces in international locations all featuring her impeccable taste. Read our interview with Alexandra to discover her design philosophy and to explore two splendid mountain interiors.

Craftsmanship is to interior design what wind is to fire: it will either kindle it or blow it out! Without talented craftsmanship, even the best design will be neither exceptional nor valuable.

Dining room beautifully decorated by Alexandra De Garidel

What does "Made in Italy" mean to you? 

“Made in Italy” is to me a label of quality: in terms of fabrication, conception and design. It could be a jingle: “Made in Italy, made in quality” !

Who/what has inspired the most your work and style?

My style and inspirations are a perfect blend of Swiss precision, modernity and attention to detail, with a more traditional emphasis on comfort and luxury. I have two sources of inspiration: art and nature.

Luxurious living area by Alexandra de Garidel
Details of Alexandra de Garidel living interiors

Describe your design approach and philosophy. 

My design approach and philosophy go together perfectly: being useful and targeted are my principal aims, but neither of these work without the project also being beautiful. Any beauty is unique and based on imperfections.

What is the one design/decor you cannot imagine your clients (or yourself) living without? 

 A breath taking view.

What is your idea of the "ultimate luxury"? 

To me ultimate luxury is to not encounter the slightest frustration with your choice.

Warm and familiar interiors by Alexandra De Garidel
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