Ashton Taylor: Bold, Collected, Unexpected

Meet Ashton Taylor and discover her full-service interior design firm, specialized in luxury residential and commercial spaces. From her days as an aircraft interior designer to her ventures into international projects, read how Ashton layers iconic elements with the elegantly unexpected in every room she designs.

Ashton Taylor is the eclectic founder of ​Ashton Taylor Interiors, a a full-service interior design firm with a concentration in luxury residential and commercial spaces. With more that a decade of experimentations with international and local projects spanning from New York homes to aircraft interior designs, Ashton founded her own studio with the intent of creating exclusively curated space for a wide range of clients.

Her style transcends current trends and is deeply committed to her clients that she defines as bold and fearless as herself, and for whom she creates harmonious spaces that streamlines their essentials with their own personal preferences and inclinations. Drawing inspiration from her southern roots and polished sensibility, her confident approach grants a perfect blend of livability and glamour.

The spaces she designs are immediately striking and aim to both please the eye and guarantee a functional experience, where guests and homeowners find elegant living solutions filled with unique décor pieces, art and iconic designs.

Read all about Ashton Taylor's years of experience in our interview, and discover her passion for unexpected color palettes, the signature accent that pervades her works and her love and admiration for different design epoques.

How did you first become involved in the world of design? Tell us your story.

I studied Interior Design at University and had various roles from high end residential to international fabric buying. I then made a transition to luxury transportation design. During my time at Gulfstream Aerospace, I designed interiors of private aircraft. This put me face to face with some of the most influential people in business from all over the world. Learning from their experiences and their success, I was inspired to push myself outside of my comfort zone and typical boundaries of design. From that point I knew I would build my own design firm to further service these clients beyond their aircrafts. I’ve since been fortunate enough to travel the world for my work which is why the vision of my firm is “Worlds within Walls. My clients are worldly, bold and fearless and so am I. 

How would you describe your personal style and what’s the personal signature that makes your projects unique?

Bold, Collected and Unexpected. The goal for the spaces we design is to always evoke emotion by providing our client with a design that functions specifically for them and by finding pieces that have their own personality or story. Rhythm has always been the design principle I am intrigued most by… How your eye trails across a room and which journey it takes. I believe a room can offer a small exploration for its inhabitants and guests.

Are there any specific trends that you are currently blending in your practice?

Strong proportions and brave unpredicted color palettes.

Where do you draw inspiration for your projects?

My eyes are always open to receiving inspiration. Sometimes it is in the form of a fabulous gown shown on the runway at New York Fashion Week, but it can also be as ordinary as a piece of broken glass that’s cracks are just proportioned awkwardly enough that I find it interesting. I have been lucky enough to travel extensively and the textures, scents and motifs from those trips typically get inventoried in my brain until the perfect project comes along.

What’s the decorative piece you enjoy the most selecting or styling for your clients and why?

I enjoy when clients have special heirloom pieces that they want to integrate in their new interior. Styling around those items to make them suitable for the new aesthetic always provides a challenge and usually ends up being one of my favorite vignettes by the end of the project.

What epoque inspires you the most in terms of aesthetic?

I could never select just one so I will select my top three… Victorian, Greek Revival and Mid-Century Modern.

Quality craftsmanship is what determines the initial reaction to experiencing any interior space... the fact that regulates if a design is respectable.

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