Visionary Spaces by Joyce Wang

Explore the captivating interiors designed by Joyce Wang, talented award-winning designer who founded her firm in 2011. Cinematic references and multicultural inspirations are conveyed in elegant spaces that deliver unique experiences to clients and visitors.

Joyce Wang, Interior Designer
Limited Edition Collection FLINT by Joyce Wang Studio

Founded in 2011 and specializing in luxury hospitality and residential interiors as well as bespoke furniture and fittings design, ​Joyce Wang Studio, although boutique in culture, has a global portfolio and an international presence within the industry. Based in London and Hong Kong, Wang and her team have the mission to bring joy to the spaces they design. Wang's architectural approach, cinematic references and interdisciplinary inspirations give her award-winning projects a sense of drama and narrative that captivate and engage audiences; an example of the Studio's creativity is FLINT, a limited edition collection of furniture and objects in Terrazzo, entirely made in Italy. 
​Notable projects include the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London and Mott 32 in Hong Kong, Vancouver and Las Vegas. 

The Entertainment Suite, The Landmark, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

​What does 'Made in Italy' mean to you? 

Uncompromised quality in everything “Made-in-Italy”. I think this is rooted in working with Italians whose passion infiltrate every part of what they do to the extent work becomes a reflection of their being. It's highly personal and something they take pride in.

Who has inspired the most your work and style?  

Carlo Scarpa, Frank Lloyd Wright, Adolf Loos, Victor Horta architects who did not care for defining where architecture ended and interiors began. For them, it was all part of their realm and responsibility. This unwavering and seamless approach captivates me.  

Joyce Wang Penthouse, Shanghai
The Entertainment Suite, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Describe your design approach and philosophy.

I believe interior design should be a process that brings joy to everyone. From our team and our clients, our contractors and fabricators, all the way to the people ultimately experiencing the interior. Our work is highly-custom in thought and in execution. Our projects share in our rigour to challenge the norm and to deliver something truly visionaryTo me, the studio is a place that nurtures confidence as much as it generates exciting ideas. Ideas come from everywhere and they are best when they result from exchange and dialogue; often from people of different cultures and backgrounds

It’s a challenge to find partners who can build to our quality and specifications for our international project locations. Many incredible artisans who have delivered our interiors work locally so it’s been my passion to seek out talents who are interested in delivering their craft at our project locations.

Joyce Wang Penthouse, Shanghai

What is the one décor you cannot imagine your clients (or yourself) living without? ​

The best linens, bath robes, bath mats and slippers – anything that will touch my skin needs to feel like soft clouds, please.

What is your idea of 'Ultimate Luxury'? 

Luxury living for me starts first and foremost with comfort. It's a word that's been forgotten in recent years and replaced with "lifestyle", "timeless" and "aspirational" when defining luxury. Comfort is something that is truly tangible to the human spirit. In an increasingly digital world, we yearn for texture, softness, intimacy and to be cocooned in intimate spaces that offer human scale.

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