Residential Details by Mark Cunningham

Discover the world of Mark Cunningham and his New York based design firm, internationally renowned for his refined and curated interior projects inspired by his fashion background with Ralph Lauren and his decade-long experience in planning residential homes, commercial concepts and hotel designs.

Mark Cunningham is the founder and owner of ​Mark Cunningham Inc design firm, a New York based studio specializing in stunning interior projects and residential home with an unmistakeable elegant flair. After he moved to New York in his 20s, Mark worked at Ralph Lauren for over 15 years before starting his own activity in 2005. This year, he further expanded his horizons by launching MARKED, his furniture, textiles and found objects line.

When looking at one of Mark's carefully designed projects, it's evident that the studio puts the client first and foremost in the identity of every room: each furniture piece is thought through to execute the idea of a comfortable environment, in fresh and light rooms with soft hues and muted tones. With great textiles and precise decor, every detail is curated to make a residential space feel like home.

Discover in our interview Mark's personal client-centered philosophy, his passion for exceptional lighting and his view on modern craftsmanship.

​What does 'Made in Italy' mean to you?

A legacy. Centuries of inheriting and refining craft.

Who has inspired the most your work and style?

I was introduced to art and design at a very young age by my mother. I think a lot of my design sense has always been heavily influenced by those early days.

​Describe your design approach and philosophy.

Everything I do really starts with the client, and who they are. After that, it's all about the details.

What is the one design you cannot imagine your client (or yourself) living without?

Good lighting.

​What is your idea of the ultimate luxury?

Space to call your own.

You can tell the difference between something that was built to last and something that was built just to consume. It's a whole feeling.

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