Residential Palettes with Massucco Warner

Discover Massucco Warner, the design firm founded in Los Angeles by Julie Massucco Kleiner and Melissa Warner Rothblum as a culmination of two stellar individual careers. From their exceptional eye for stunning color palettes and unique textural ensebles, discover the studio's East Coast and Californian influences and their residential projects.

​Massucco Warner is a studio based in LA and Seattle founded in 2008 by Julie Massucco Kleiner and Melissa Warner Rothblum, two experienced designer with stellar careers at top design firms in San Francisco and New York, who expertly combined their deep knowledge of the interior design world and applied it to stunning residential projects. With homes designed all over the United States, from Los Angeles to New England, the firm has been featured in countless publications, and is now internationally renowned for its style and expertise.

From living areas filled with iconic design pieces perfectly juxtaposed and combined to highly curated corners that truly build the character of each house, Massucco Warner has an incredible eye for bold color palettes and unique textures that create the perfect residential project completely tailored on the client's personality and preferences, resulting in unforgettable spaces with a modern flair.

Discover Julie and Melissa's interview on Artemest and read all about their personal influences, their love for vintage and modern pieces and passion for perfectly tailored upholstery.

What does Made in Italy mean to you?

Exquisite fabrics, supple leathers, finely detailed finishes and sumptuous feel is what Made in Italy means to us.

What has inspired your work and style?

Travel, fashion, our childhood surroundings and our clients themselves all inspire our design on a daily basis! We love incorporating a client’s favorite color in a lampshade, or detailing cabinetry that reminds us of a European architectural design seen on a trip, or pulling in pleats and dressmaker details for upholstery. Julie grew up on the East Coast, and her designs often feature a nod to East Coast sensibility and tradition, while Melissa is a Los Angeles native and her California freshness is brought to each and every project whether it’s in California or not!

Our design brains are wired to take in colors, patterns, light and natural elements and those come back to inspire us at our desks or putting together a presentation at any moment. As for being inspired by designers-we both have a love of all things Sister Parrish, Dorothy Draper and Alberto Pinto now and forever more!

​What's your design approach and philosophy?

Massucco Warner blends color and textural palettes that range from bold, stunning, and edgy, to soft, tranquil, and serene, while always being clear, fresh, and on point. Julie & Melissa's love of all things design; vintage finds, custom gilded hand-embroidered wallpaper, timeless well-made furniture in all shapes and sizes, varies as much as their designs, but the result is a beautiful, well-designed home, and happy client, every time.

If we could teach one thing to each and every client, it would be the importance of craftsmanship. Craftmanship means getting a “forever” sofa that you’ll love and recover for the next 25 years, and maybe hand down to your kids! In a world of big box retailers who mass produce “throw away in five years” furniture, it’s important for the design community to keep a firm grasp on real craftspeople and promote that to our clients.

What item you can’t imagine living without?

Perfectly tailored upholstery... there’s no substitute for upholstery details such as pleating, piping or tape trim, and it’s an instant mark of luxury. Something that you’ll sit on, sleep on and that takes up large areas of “real estate” within your home should be something that brings you joy every time you see it!

What's your idea of ultimate luxury?

Our ultimate luxury list includes: ending a workday by coming home to a home cooked meal (preferably pasta) and enjoying dinner family, then going to bed early in a crisply made, freshly pressed linen dressed bed!

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