Hillside Guest House: Locanda al Colle

Discover Locanda al Colle: a hillside guest house inspired by the typical warm, Italian country house style with a eclectic touch and set on flourishing Tuscan foothills. Hidden by luxuriant greenery and olive groves, the inn represents the perfect weekend hideaway.

The Inn represents the perfect weekend retreat.

Riccardo Barsottelli started his career in the fashion industry, which took him from Europe to the United States and South America. During his travels he became fascinated with the idea of creating a space that would merge his two loves, art and hospitality, eventually laying the foundations for the inspiration of a guesthouse. Along with his old friend and highly respected architect Marco Innocenti, Riccardo Barsotelli designed the ideal farm house environment for guests, creating Locanda al Colle.

Warm and welcoming area of the Guest House.
The interiors recall the typical Italian farmhouse.

Set on the flourishing foothills near Versilia, Locanda al Colle - which can be translated as ‘Inn on the Hill’ - is a unique guesthouse born after the renovation of an ancient farmhouse. Hidden by luxuriant greenery and olive groves, the inn represents the perfect weekend retreat, located in one of the most beloved area in Tuscany; indeed, the high position of the property allows its visitors to enjoy an enchanting view towards the sea and beautifully kept gardens.

Keeping the country house atmosphere very much intact, whilst enhancing both its charm was important to me. I wanted it to be a home.

Pacific vibes and a setting full of charm and elegance are Locanda al Colle's key elements.

The interiors of Locanda al Colle recall the typical warm, Italian country house. Every surface and piece of furniture it is personally chosen by the owner Riccardo Barsotelli, whom, thanks to his fashion background and globetrotter mindset, has developed an exquisite sense of style and a brilliant ability to combine modernity and antique, retro elements. The refined selection of pieces and ornaments were artistically collected across the world to adorn the rustic walls of this former farmhouse.

Ornaments and artistic pieces were collected across the world to adorn the rustic walls.
The beautiful gardens are the perfect spot to relax.

​The panoramic terrace is the ideal place to be absorbed by the pacific vibes of Locanda al Colle and, at night, it becomes a meeting place full of charm and elegance. Decorated with modern art pieces and locally crafted sculptures, it is a celebration of the near Apuan Alps, home of some of the finest marble in the world.

Along with the artistic involvement​, comfort and style are the key elements of Locanda al Colle, which express a perfect image of the glamorous and carefree Italian country lifestyle; a perfect example could be the Tuscanian coast that spreads in front of the guests' eyes, offering beautiful beaches and landscapes.

​Locanda al Colle

Via La Stretta, 231, Camaiore Lucca
Tel.+39 0584 915195 

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