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Alpine Retreat: Relais Mont Blanc Hotel & Spa

In the midst of the Italian Alps, Relais Mont Blanc Hotel & SPA is the perfect winter location to experience a traditional holiday stay, immersed in stunning views and surrounded by luxurious interiors. Explore this classic chalet and its selection of outdoors and relaxing activities, aimed at those looking for a curated experience in one of the most magical places in Northern Italy.

For first-time visitors and wandering explorers, the Aosta Valley feels like a place straight from a fairytale, surrounded by old mountains and ancient forests crossed by clear, winding rivers. These landscapes have inspired countless artists, writers and poets over the years, and have been chosen by many as the perfect spot for their holidays and residences. The culture of leisure and hospitality has been a staple of this land, with cozy destinations and stunning housings.

Here, near the fascinating Châtelard Castle, in the heart of the mountain, the Relais Mont Blanc perfectly embodies the values of the valley with its traditional and warm atmosphere, making it an unmissable destination for those exploring the surroundings.

​Relais Mont Blanc is both an hotel and SPA in La Salle, one of the typical villages scattered around the valley. Based near a natural reserve, it makes a point to let guests take full advantage of the stunning views and local treasures. The hotel is part of the Italian Hotel Collection, a selection of accomodations that embodies territorial values and traditions of Italian hospitality; the core of their philosophy is the preservation of Made in Italy, from the curated rooms to the local cuisine tailored to suit the needs of every guest.

The hotel itself is built as a modern yet familiar chalet, following the historic Alpine style traced back to hundreds of years ago. The entire village of La Salle has been recently renovated, while preserving the original structure, and the Relais Mont Blanc is no exception: raw materials such as hard wood and uncut rock open a window on ancient times and uncompromising beauty.

The ​Relais Mont Blanc Hotel offers a selection of 49 different rooms and suites, equipped with Alpine style interiors in warm and typical colors. Exposed beams run all across the ceilings from room to room, framing the hand-decorated walls and the terracotta floors. The interiors are furnished with a carefully curated selection of antiques from all over the region, a true manifestation of the will to let the original atmosphear break through while offering a modern service.

The Suites are the highest expression of the hotel's mission: these luxurious rooms combine detailed interiors and sloping ceilings with stunning views of the Mont Blanc, fully experienced from the en suite private terraces.

​The holistic experience provided by Relais Mont Blanc is completed by the food: La Fenêtre Restaurant and the Bar Beauregard offer an all-day dining service, with traditional recipies prepared with local and home-grown products. The romantic atmosphere and airy windows with stunning views of the mountains are the perfect location for formal and informal events.

Wellness is another staple in the philosphy of the hotel: from the elegant indoor pool to outdoors solarium and saunas, the clients are guided through a suggestive Kneipp path in the cave nearby, with the benefit of sensorial showers and tailor-made massages.

Relais Mont Blanc Hotel & Spa goes beyond accomodation and combines tradition with flawless modernity, offering its lucky guests an inspired and authentic experience in true Alpine fashion.

​Relais Mont Blanc Hotel & SPA

Località la Croisette 36, 11015 La Salle (AO), Italy


Tel. +39 0165 864111