Villa Sant’Andrea: Romantic Getaway in Sicily

Reflected in the glittering waters of the Ionian Sea, Villa Sant’Andrea is a timeless jewel set in the wild Sicilian nature. Immerse yourself in the aristocratic charm of this secluded retreat and rediscover the pleasure of a seaside escape

Overlooking the splendid Mazzarò Bay in Taormina, ​Villa Sant’Andrea is a former residence built by an aristocratic family in 1919. The story of this authentic Sicilian Villa is long and full of many international twists. In the early 1900s, Robert Trewhella, a member of one of Cornwall’s most influential families, built the waterfront Villa and moved to Italy after being commissioned by the Italian government to help develop the country’s infrastructure.

Born as a private home, Villa Sant’Andrea was transformed into a hotel in the 1950’s by Robert’s son and entered in the Belmond Hotels family to become one of the most romantic retreats of the region. Surrounded by delightful subtropical gardens, with stunning views on the dazzling sea, the Villa is the perfect location for a seaside escape.

Steeped in charm and history, opulent yet restrained, the hotel is a real haven of peace. Relaxing vibrations are exuded by the lush nature of the bay and imbue the interior spaces through the ethereal sunlight. You can feel the rich history of the palace, flowing from elegant Baroque paintings and authentic family heirlooms scattered here and there.

Colors and scents of nature are the great protagonists of Villa Sant’Andrea: they mix and meet in the decorative details. The tastefully furnished spaces give the guest a pleasant impression of bright airiness, steeped in the delightful fragrances of citrus, jasmine and neroli to encourage a deep connection with the land.

Traditional décor of Sicilian craftsmanship adorns every corner, from colorful majolica details to refined ceramic vases, every object reflects the taste and the tradition of the island. A sense of old-world glamour infuses all of the spaces emanated by precious and artistic details and a wise blend of neutral tones with bright shades of turquoise and gold detailing.

Each room is flooded with light, coming from large windows and reflected on the marble floors. Stunning views of the sea act as a frame for the elegant interiors, while at the same time captivate the attention of the visitors. Surrounded by unspoiled nature and flowers, many terraces stand on the sea, offering wonderful and uncontaminated glimpses of impressive climbs. Enjoying spectacular sunsets surrounded by the sweet scent of citrus, sipping a fresh cocktail here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With Sicily’s striking cliffs as a backdrop and the view of the bay, Sant’Andrea Restaurant is one of the most romantic locations of Taormina, serving up the very best from land and sea. Here is a pleasure to enjoy the fresh sea breeze while tasting local delicacies.

The most exclusive spot of Villa Sant’Andrea is undoubtedly the private beach, an authentic sanctuary on the sand where the guest can enjoy the luxury of silence, relax and unwind surrounded by the glistening crystal-clear waters and the aquamarine shoreline with its prestigious skyline.

The prime location of Villa Sant’Andrea gives you the privilege of staying right in the heart of Taormina, a magical village characterized by its rustic charm, a place where art and history combines and pay homage to the surrounding nature and the majestic view of Etna.

Were a man to spend only one day in Sicily and ask, “What must one see?” I would answer him without hesitation, “Taormina.” A landscape where you find everything on earth that seems made to seduce the eyes, the mind and the imagination.

Villa Sant'Andrea


Via Nazionale, 137, 98039 Mare, ME

+39 0185 235 3453

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