Bottega Intreccio: A Story of Hands at Work

Discover Bottega Intreccio, a traditional workshop famous for its weaving craftsmanship, a method used since the Renaissance. Using wicker, cord and leather exclusively worked by hand, Bottega Intrecco creates stunning pieces spanning from pendant lamps to superb armchairs.

Nestled in the hiss of Macerata, the Italian region most famous for its cabinet making tradition, Bottega Intreccio was founded in 2014 with the intention of merging the antique knowledge of master artisans with the enthusiasm of the new generations.

Despite its recent establishment, the brand is founded on ancient arts and know-hows: the particular weaving tradition, that consists of handworking materials such as cord and wicker to bend and interlace them into a final shape, dates back centuries to the Italian Renaissance. The results are stunning seatings, lamps and containers with full, round shapes and a raw feel.

Today, Bottega Intreccio works with renowned designers around the world to bring innovative ideas and concepts to life, while skilfully combining experimentation and artisanal heritage to create beautiful handmade pieces.

How was Bottega Intreccio born? Tell us your story.

Bottega Intreccio was born from the desire to preserve a regional artisan tradition by handing down its expertise across generations and connecting tradition with design. Bottega Intreccio founded the school of “intreccio” (TN: braiding), where experienced master artisans can meet young ones and, through a workshop apprenticeship model, transfer the skills and values that represent the excellence of tradition and know-how.

Your superb creations are made using a long-established braiding technique called “intreccio”. Can you tell us about it?

Braiding consists of the overlapping of flexible materials in a rhythmic and harmonious way in order to make them resistant and long lasting. This technique is a shared practice of civilizations worldwide, employed to craft lightweight and resistant objects - small or voluminous - using natural raw materials that were abundant and produced according to the plants' natural life cycle and a specific pruning process. In the municipality of Mogliano specifically, this technique evolved and perfected over time, leading to a distinctive district that stands out for the merging of always-new shapes and materials. 

We are surrounded by beauty: small plots of land manicured like gardens that nestle in the hills surrounded by the Sibillini Mountains. It goes without saying that, in the midst of such natural perfection and meticulous work of man, every object cannot but reflect the same standards.

Your refined collections are produced in collaboration with well-known, contemporary designers. How do your projects manage to encapsulate the interaction between tradition and innovation?

Through knowledge and empathy. Before proposing a design idea or project, the designer becomes acquainted with the artisan, observes him at work, and establishes a dialogue with him.

What is your brand’s mission?

Our mission is to create exclusive objects capable of stirring emotions, achieved through a marriage of elevated craftsmanship native to our region, attention to detail, and contemporary design.

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