Cinetica: The Art of Pewter

Working with pewter, a metal traditionally employed in tableware, Cinetica elevates the material by transforming it in beautiful wall coverings with different patterns creating bold optical illusions in modular systems. Discover our interview with the founders and explore Cinetica's selection of handcrafted pieces.

Cinetica was founded thanks to the desire to unite Studio Lido and Marinoni Peltro, two Italian companies with a common goal and artistic direction. Their unique idea was to transform the way the artisanal words thinks about pewter, a malleable metal alloy traditionally employed in the making of tableware. This vision further solidified in the creation of unique patterns and textured surfaces, a perfect addition to any interior thanks to their versatility in dividing and defining spaces. Their pieces, while initially born with contract projects in mind such as bars and hotels, are now completely customizable and can combined to be adapted in different solutions.

Read our interview with Cinetica and explore their world of traditional Italian craftsmanship and innovation.

How was Cinetica established?

Cineteca collection was established when the designers of LiDo and Marinoni met, with the idea of revamping the image of pewter and revealing its qualities: shimmer, preciousness, and malleability.

Why have you decided to use pewter in your collection? What are its peculiarities?

Pewter is a metal alloy extremely malleable. It melts at 320 degree Celsius, a relatively low temperature compared to other materials. Pewter has also a warm and shiny appearance. The light that reflects on its surface makes it dynamic and sparkling.

What are the main stages of production for your creations?

We take care of every step of production in-house, from the making of prototype and molds, to packaging and shipping. The metal is molten by hand in molds mounted on centrifugal machines. Once it solidifies, the product is extracted from the mold and ground in order to eliminate the imperfections caused by the melting process. The piece is then manually finished and treated with a vegetable-based liquid that lends it its characteristic warmth and shimmer.

In what ways can the Cinetica modules be used?

Cinetica modules can be used to embellish walls, counter tops, and consoles, or to create a decoration for mirror frames or furniture doors.

What is the final effect of a wall decoration made of pewter modules?

Cinetica modules enrich walls and other surfaces. They modify the space around them thanks to gleam and optical illusion.

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