Unusual Designs by LatoxLato

Discover LatoxLato: a Venetian design brand born out of new visions, and a desire to do things differently. And the result is “Unusual Italian Design” freed from the constraints of trends that rather focus on the link between aesthetics and functionality. Each stunning coffee table or a candelabrum is like an embellishment to the environment it is placed in. Explore Virginia Valentini and Francesco Breganze's shared passion for unusual designs and the best of 'Made in Italy'.

How was LATOxLATO established and what is its mission?

LATOxLATO was created out of the desire to promote the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, passed down within the families from generation to generation. Our goal is to show that in Italy we still have a strong tradition of Maestri d’Arte, master artisans who fashion each individual object, dedicating to every piece the right time and meticulous attention. Our mission is to showcase everyday objects under a different light, freeing them from the usual criteria, thanks to the merging of art, culture, and functionality. Don’t think of volumes and materials how you have seen them so far. Then, you will see them pushed to the limits of their possibilities and in unexpected forms.

What makes a LatoxLato piece special?

Every LATOxLATO object is a masterpiece of Italian style, but with its own shapes, details, and solutions. What makes it special is the fact that it embellishes not only a room but mostly the person who chooses it. Its originality allows each piece to tell a lot also about those who buy it: who they are, what is their taste, and what are their dreams.

Do you collaborate with artists and craftsmen to produce your creations? How does LATOxLATO combine tradition and innovation in its collections?

Definitely what stimulates us is to encourage artisans used to traditional methods to study with us and produce new and unusual objects. Our craftsmen safeguard a tradition that allowed them to create marvelous classic pieces for decades. Our challenge is to implement their skills to create an extraordinary contemporary design.

What is the material or the method that has most fascinated you so far?

Probably marble. What incredibly fascinates us is working a solid slab of marble, making it dynamic, and allow the user to interact with an 'apparently static material'.

LATOxLATO creates splendid furniture and decorative pieces. How would you describe an interior designed by LATOxLATO?

It is an interior that tells a lot about those who live in it. LATOxLATO creates unconventional objects. Those who choose them do it because they have a precise idea of what it means to communicate through the pieces that furnish and decorate their home.

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